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Major Takeaways from Self-Storage Workshop Discussions

Recently there was a very informative three-day self-storage workshop put on by Scott Meyers. Scott has been doing self-storage for 10+ years and has grown quite a successful business along with his coaching / mentoring programs where he partners with students to help them with end to end acquisition, turning around the property and exit…

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Rising Interest in Self-Storage as an Investment Niche

I’ve branded my company as a real estate business that focuses on alternative real estate niches. I want to provide education and investment opportunities for investors to take advantage of the trends and attractive returns certain niches offer. I carefully selected crucial, trusted partners (sponsors) and help provide private equity investor funds to support their projects.…

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Advantages of Accelerating Depreciation on your Multifamily Property Investment

Multifamily apartment investing comes with tax efficiencies that are attractive to potential investors.  As a result I explain these to prospective stakeholders, so they get a general understanding of the key deductions that an apartment operator can use. I’ve touched on depreciation and talked about other aspects that make apartment investing attractive to investors in…

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Working in Apartment Syndication, One Year After!

I started working in apartment syndication exactly one year ago wherein I started helping an apartment syndicator raise capital to close on a 320-unit apartment. Prior to that, I spent about 3-4 months learning from an experienced multifamily coach who had a program that was meant to teach me how to find, purchase and syndicate my own…

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Apartment Investing: What would be a good deal?

In this article, we are going to be analyzing what makes a good apartment investment from a syndication point of view.  To put things into perspective when I talk with investors, I usually start high-level because for many investors, it may be the first time they ever thought about investing in a large apartment.  The…

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28 Great Ideas to Lessen Apartment Expenses

As I shared in my last blog, making money with an apartment building is all about creating value. Simply put, the property can generate a lot more cash flow and the market value can be significantly enhanced by making use of revenue enhancing and expense reduction activities. This article will focus on 28 ideas to…

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28 Great Suggestions to Increase Apartment Revenue

Have you ever thought about how to maximize your rental profit? Improving the profitability of an apartment building is based on CREATING VALUE! I have put together a list of 28 great suggestions to help you increase apartment revenue. Simply put, the property can generate positive cash flows and the market value can be significantly…

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Why Large Apartments Are A Great Investment

What is Apartment Investing? As a private equity capital raiser for a large apartment syndicator, I’m very aware of the power of investing in apartments. I meet potential investors daily who are interested in apartment investing but most have never done it before. Either they have heard about it from a friend who is involved and…

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3 Reasons Why I Prefer Multifamily over Single-Family Homes

While working as a real estate investor, I’ve started to favor the idea of investing in apartments or large multifamily buildings (MF) over single-family homes (SFH) due to three main factors that are critical differences when comparing the two different real estate investment types. Value-add – ability to value-add is one of the most important…

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